Job Offer Process

Manitoba Nomination Job Offer Process

  • Can Manitoba employers hire foreign workers?
  • Do Manitoba employers need to get a LMIA?
  • Can I hire someone for the summer to help on my Manitoba farm?
  • Can our transportation company hire drivers overseas?

Manitoba Companies Have Many Options to Hire Foreign Workers

There is a shortage of workers in all industries in Manitoba. Manitoba employers face challenges in recruiting the workers they need to grow their businesses. At Manitoba Express Immigration Law, we have helped some of the biggest employers in the province procure work permits for their crucial staff.

How To Make A Job Offer For Manitoba PNP

The Manitoba job-offer nomination pathway is an employer-driven process. As a Manitoba employer, you can access the PNP job offer program. Best of all, this lets you avoid the LMIA process. Making a job offer through the Manitoba PNP is an easy and economical way to recruit workers from overseas. The following industries use Manitoba PNP to recruit workers in Winnipeg and beyond:

  • Major food delivery services
  • Taxi companies
  • Meat processing companies
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Medical / pharmacy

The Manitoba PNP allows employers to make a job offer to sponsor a work permit for a foreign citizen. The job offer also facilitates a PNP nomination so the worker can become a permanent resident of Canada.

Are you a Manitoba employer who needs help setting up a Foreign Worker Program?

Would your company like to let us handle your work permit program? We offer custom solutions for Manitoba employers hiring foreign workers. No company is too big of too small for our dedicated immigration team.

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The rate of approval is very high for provincial nominee workers who have secured job offers and employment in Manitoba. Over 97% of Nominees are approved when they have a Manitoba employment connection.