Manitoba Express Entry

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

The MPNP renewal is complete and applications are now being selected under the Manitoba Express Entry category.  Applicants with friends or family in Manitoba have an excellent chance of being selected.  Even if you have no Manitoba connection you still have a chance under Manitoba Express Entry, if you work in an in-demand job.

Our law firm is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and we have the local experience to be your competitive advantage.  Only a local Manitoba law firm can give you the inside tips and advice on this great program.

Five Steps to Apply for Manitoba Express Entry.

The online guidance for the Manitoba PNP Express Entry program is complex and can be difficult to understand. Our firm specializes in Manitoba PNP applications, and we have the experience to help your application be selected.

Everything you need to know about applying is on this page, including the 5-Step-Process to apply, and calculators to let you know your score.

1. Setup your Express Entry Profile

You need a valid Express Entry profile plus a Job Seeker ID code. You will also need to meet all of the minimum requirements for Express Entry.

2. Prove your Manitoba Connection

This can be any of the following:

  • Relative of Friend in Manitoba
  • Prior Studies in Manitoba
  • Prior Work Experience in Manitoba

Not sure if your connection qualifies? We can help you determine if your work experience or prior studies in Manitoba will get you nominated.

3. If you have no Manitoba Connection, you must have 6 months work experience in an "In Demand" job.

Click below to find out more about In Demand Jobs.

In Demand List


4. Use Manitoba Eligibility Calculator to see if you have the required 60 points

Use Manitoba Eligibility Calculator

5. Use the Manitoba Ranking Calculator to check your score

Is your score over 500? That is considered highly competitive for 2019. Is your score under 500? We know how to boost it, contact us for advice.

Use the Manitoba Ranking Calculator

Get Expert Help To Increase Your Nomination Chances

Don’t trust a big Toronto or Vancouver law firm with your Manitoba Express Entry file. Only a Winnipeg law firm can hand-deliver your application documents. When we have a question we can walk into the Manitoba Nomination office and get immediate help – no out-of-town firm can do that for you!

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