Manitoba Experience


Manitoba Experience Provincial Nomination Program

The Province of Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program provides an easy pathway to Permanent Residency for anyone who wants to settle in Manitoba, Canada.

The Manitoba work experience category is the only provincial nomination program in Canada with no maximum age limit, and it no required points on a chart. This program also has the lowest language skills required in any program.


All you need is a job in Manitoba – that’s it!

  • Must have 6 to 12 months experience working in Manitoba
  • Any NOC level job can qualify
  • Employer must offer a long term position; no LMIA is required


How to qualify for Manitoba Experience PNP Nomination

Why do so many post graduate work permit holders migrate to Manitoba to obtain permanent residency? Perhaps because Winnipeg and Brandon MB have strong job markets with plenty of employment opportunities. Our clients report high levels of satisfaction with local schools and facilities. Manitoba is also one of Canada’s more affordable places to live.

Do you need a way to remain in Canada?

  • I have a PGWP but I cannot find NOC A or B jobs in my city
  • I have an IEC work permit and I want to be sure I can get Permanent Residency before my status expires
  • I have a low score on Express Entry / I don’t have enough points on Express Entry
  • I am over 45 and do not qualify for other programs
  • I can’t reach the required IELTS / CLB score for Ontario / BC

Manitoba Experience PNP Can Be Your Solution!

Are you working in Manitoba?

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