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My company needs to hire a foreign worker. Can you help us?

Yes, we represent many employers across Canada who employ foreign workers. We can help any employer secure a work permit for their critical workers.

How can I check my eligibility for a visa?

The only way to get expert advice on your eligibility for a visa is to talk to an immigration attorney. A thorough consultation takes between 30 and 90 minutes. A consultation is a private discussion between you and an experienced lawyer.

At the end of your consultation, you will know if you are a good candidate to immigrate to Canada.

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What happens in a consultation appointment?

  1. Document Review. Prior to your consultation, your lawyer will request copies of your immigration documents. You should share all of the documents you have from prior refusals, approvals, and and prior submitted applications.
  2. Review Your Situation. The first part of a consultation is spent in discussion collecting details so your lawyer can form a legal opinion. The lawyer will ask you to explain your circumstances and your immigration goals.
  3. Determine Your Eligibility. Your lawyer will explain exactly what programs are available to you. The lawyer will explain all of your options clearly and will identify which strategy will work the best.
  4. Comparison. Your lawyer will compare your options, and tell you which option will be the surest, fastest and least expensive pathway.
  5. Options, Cost, Chances, and Timeline. At the end of the consultation you will understand your options, the costs, your chances of success, and how long it will take.

I am not in Manitoba. Can you still help me?

While our offices are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, many immigration programs are federal. Our firm therefore represents clients in all 10 provinces and worldwide. No matter where you are, we can represent you. We offer in-person, telephone, and Skype meetings.

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What happens after I hire you to represent me?

After you hire us, we begin to collect your critical documents and information. Our firm uses a sophisticated tracking system to organize all of your data, documents, and deadlines.

As soon as we accept your case, it will be assigned to a capable immigration lawyer. You will be provided with instructions on all of the steps you must take. We guide you every step of the way, as you obtain required medical, biometrics, and security checks.

Your immigration lawyer will guide and support you through your process. If you are required to attend an interview, our firm will prepare you with a series of mock-interviews.

Do you do refugee or asylum cases?

No, we do not help refugees or asylum seekers.

I want to know my chances before I pay. Can you listen to my situation first?

You deserve to get expert advice from someone who completely understands the details of your situation. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to review a case. We only offer opinions and advice during paid appointments.

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See What our Clients have to say

Maria Yabes
Maria Yabes
01:10 27 Jul 19
Me and my husband went to law office of Atty Routley for consultation about mobility or transfer. I ask a lot of questions because I wanted to clarify some issues. I am very thankful that all the questions are clearly answered and explained. She is Nice and accomodating , straight to the point but warm hearted. Thank you very much Atty Vanessa for your help and advice. It really mean a lot to me and to my more
Bubba B
Bubba B
19:15 03 Jul 19
At first look, you'd be unsure of the quality and helpfulness of this firm. However, after a few minutes I was made to feel secure and comfortable. Any questions or direction that can be given to help you navigate your Immigration and Legal issues, the team of Vanessa Routley delivers. Thank more
Selina Solidum
Selina Solidum
20:43 11 Jun 19
I went to Law Office of Vanessa Routley because of an urgent matter. She was very accommodating and answered all my questions and guide me through the process. Highly recommended. 👍👍read more
Navneet Hundal Aujla
Navneet Hundal Aujla
16:41 11 May 19
I went to Law office of Vanessa Routley yesterday for consultation on my family immigration application. She is amazing, she answered all my questions, she listens to your problem, understands and offers you possible solutions. She is the only lawyer/consultant who did not pressurized me to sign up for services. Definitely going back and will refer to friends and family. And yes service charges are very more
Khem Bohora
Khem Bohora
01:52 17 Apr 19
We use big law firm, twice rejected even we paid them handsome fee. Friend my recommended me, Vanessa's firm got us approved when we had been rejected 2 times already. Extremely happy with the service provided !!read more
Shadley Thomas
Shadley Thomas
16:38 28 Feb 19
After consulting with many other attorneys, I found the firm to have a unique combination of both competency and compassion to assist me with the significant life changing step of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada. The entire staff was always very professional, communicative, attentive to detail, and patient in order to instill a great level of confidence and quell any nervousness that I may have felt. I definitely recommend the firm to anyone needing help applying for permanent residency or for any other immigration related more
Jawad Abdul Hai
Jawad Abdul Hai
18:47 27 Feb 19
It was great working with Vanessa, had it not been her it would have been very difficult for me go through the process. She has excellent skill set in finding solutions to short comings ( we all need support with one or two steps), there she analyzes and provides you work around. This is I believe is her more
Nihal Sharaf
Nihal Sharaf
23:23 21 Feb 19
I am currently an international student in Canada from Egypt.Vanessa and Nevine have really helped me with care on my journey here, with visa applications and consultations. They have been very patient with my inquires and have given me very valuable advice on immigration processes that could be the most successful for me. I really appreciate all their hard-work and I highly recommend their servicesread more
22:42 07 Feb 19
I am very happy with how Manitoba Express Immigration Law has helped me with my time in Canada. They arrange my work permit and accompanied me to the border in order to pick it up. They are both helpful and responsible, taking care of all the necessary documents required. I couldn't be happier with more
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Legal Fee Schedule & Government Fees

ApplicationLawyer's FeesGovernment Fees
Post Graduate Work Permit$1,500$255
Express Entry$3,000$1050 per adult
Manitoba Nomination Job Offer (By Employer)$1,500no fee
Manitoba Nomination & Express Entry$5,000$1050 per adult + $300 nomination fee
Business Visitor Visa Entry Package$1,500$155 per adult
NAFTA Work Permits$1,900$155 per adult +$230 compliance fee
LMIA ESDC Compliance Audits$2,500no fee
Prior Refused Study Permit + ATIP$2,500$150 + $85 if biometrics
Open Work Permit for Spouse$2,000$150 + $230 compliance fee
LMIA for Complex Self-Employed$6000+$1000 application fee + $150 work permit fee
Investment Visa Applications$10,000+varies by program
PR Card Renewal$2,500$60
Super Visa For Parents$2,500$100

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