Small Business Investor Visas for EU Citizens

Canada's new Free Trade Agreement with the EU means you can move to Canada to operate a business.

700 small business investor work permits have been issued to EU nationals since this program started in 2017.

European Citizens can Start Small Business in Canada

European Citizens can Start Small Business in Canada

European citizens are already taking advantage of this exciting program which came into effect on September 21, 2017.  European investors and corporations are becoming more active in the Canadian market.

Our law firm has extensive experience getting Work Permits for European national seeking to move t o Canada to run their own business.  Under the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) , we can obtain work permits for any European national.  

If you hold a passport from any of the 28 EU nations, we can obtain your work premits, residency, and access to Canadian markets.The flag of Canada and The flag of Europe

Open a Branch of Your Company in Canada

As of September 2017, EU companies have the right to open a branch in Canada, and to assign employees to a Canadian branch office to operate the business.  European companies can access the vibrant Canadian econmy using CETA work permits and residency.

Expansion into Canada is a smart growth strategy for European companies.  Canada's banking and well-planned infastructure make it an ideal entry point to the North American marketplace. 

If your company would like to enter the Canadian market, we can help.  Book a consultation to learn how many employees can be transferred to Canada, and the costs involved.


Purchase / Takeover an Existing Business in Canada

Are you a European entrepreneur seeking a new challenge?  Have you ever dreamed of moving to Montreal or Vancouver to start a new life with your family?

European investors can purchase small businesses in Canada and get the work experience needed to become Permanent Residents and eventually Canadian citizens.  

Our law firm can guide you through the business investment process, procuring Work Permits for the investor and their spouse, and Study Permits for children.

Purchasing an existing successful business to support your immigration is an excellent strategy for European families planning to move to Canada.


Interested in Buying The Business to Immigrate to Canada?

Next Steps

  1. Book a Consultation on our website using "Book Now" button.
  2. Have your Consultation on Skype or Phone with experienced Immigration Lawyer Vanessa Routley.  Together you will review your eligibliity,  learn the costs, timeline, and ensure you qualify to immigrate based on this investment.
  3. Schedule your in-person visit to Canada.  You may use a local Manitoba Business Exploration Tour company we reccommend, to show you around Winnipeg and to tour the business premesis.  5 day tours available in June and July 2019.  You will also tour schools for your children, universities, recration facilities, car dealerships, and homes for sale.  Get a total understanding of the environment to make an informed immigration decision.
  4. Review business financial documents, meet the current owner, spend a day at the office and watch how the company functions.
  5. Sign purchase agreement, return to home country and wire funds to complete the sale.
  6. Visa Applications are submitted and decided within 2-9 weeks.
  7. Move to Canada and enjoy your new immigration status with your family

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